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Social Media

Social Media NetworkYour customers are using social media to make buying decisions about products and services.  Don’t believe it?

Consider this—Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln have a combined 750 million active users—people who use them every day.
That’s more than double the entire U.S. population.

The fastest growing demographic among Facebook users is 35 to 65 year old women.

And here’s another jaw-dropper: 300 million people visit YouTube every month and watch more than 2 billion videos.

According to Yahoo! 92% of all business searchers start looking online—either at home or on their mobile phones.

So whether you know it or not, your prospects and customers are using social media.  If you want to be found, you have be where they are looking.  Online, that happens when you show up in the search engines, directories and social networks where they are looking for information, your business type, product or service.

Yes, Google is important but there are some 50 other key online locations where you must be dialed in today to get found by your target prospects.

The first online marketing success ingredient is get out there and get found.  Once you get found, you must engage with your prospects on their terms—whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, YouTube or any other social network, through a blog or even a podcast.

It’s no longer just about having a web site where people come to find your business—it’s about going where they are online and setting up a table in those locations where they hang out every day.

Part of your plan is to get them to follow you, friend you, subscribe to your channel… then you start offering information, expert perspective on the topics your business specializes in, recommendations, news, coupons, membership privileges.

Pretty soon they give you permission to follow up with them through email, text messages to their mobile phones, regular mail—whichever methods they prefer.  Then you’re able to build relationships with them, earn their trust—and, ultimately, earn their business.

This isn’t just speculation, it’s a proven roadmap:

  1. Get online in the right places and get found.
  2. Engage with prospects on their terms and follow up.
  3. Continue to engage and follow up over time.

The basic concept is simple: visibility equals traffic, which leads to prospects, which leads to more customers for you.

And if people can’t find you instantly from their desktop, laptop or mobile phone, you won’t get leads, prospects or new business.  Is this making sense?

Contact us now and we will prepare a special online marketing blueprint for your business for FREE.  We’ll do a personal consultation with you to walk you through it and tell you how to get started RIGHT NOW at low cost and with zero extra work on your part.

Just imagine where your business could be a month from now, six months or a year from now.