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Local SEO

Google places imageMillions of people search Google everyday for information to solve a problem or for a business or service provider to help them solve their problem.  Google has replaced the phone book as a means to find local businesses.

When a consumer searches specific keywords, Google will return websites and listings for local businesses that match the searcher’s request.  By optimizing your Google Places listing, you increase the odds that your listing will show up on page one of the search results and be seen by the searcher.

Competition for new customers is stiff, both offline and online.  Print advertisements are expensive and largely untargeted.  An ad in a newspaper will be exposed to thousands of readers but few will actually see it.  If they are not in the market for what you are offering, your advertisement will be virtually invisible to them.

When someone enters a keyword term into Google, they are actively searching for information on that topic.  If you can get your business listing in front of their eyeballs, you can target your message toward an interested buyer.

Google Places should be included in your marketing strategy.  At a very minimum you should claim your listing and complete the details.  By including videos, pictures, customer reviews, and links to business directories, you can increase the visibilty of your business listing.

Be sure to read Google Terms of Service and follow their guidelines. Violating Google’s rules can get your account suspended and your listing removed.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you set up your Places listing and optimize it for best ranking so your potential customers will find you instead of your competition.