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Tax Day

With tax day upon us here is some food for thought. If you are getting a refund, it is not a bonus for doing a good job. It is a refund of your own money because you overpaid your taxes.

You basically gave Uncle Sam an interest free loan and now he is paying you back.If you calculated your tax liability correctly, you would owe nothing and getting nothing back.

Want to give yourself a raise?  Reduce your quarterly payments or change your W4 withholding allowances to take less out each pay period.

Talk to your tax adviser to get the correct calculations.

Need More Sales?

Want to increase your sales?

Need to increase your businesses sales volume?  The solution is simple.  Get more customers.

Sorry if that sounds obvious but it is the basic solution to the problem.
Every successful business must follow this simple formula:

  • Attract qualified leads to your business
  • Convert those leads into customers
  • Keep those customers happy so they come back again.

Applying that formula effectively can be a daunting task without a marketing plan.  If you want to generate leads and get more customers for your business, you must include online marketing strategies in your business plan.  Local online marketing is a cost effective method to promote your business.

Drive traffic to your web site with good SEO then offer something of value in exchange for the visitor’s email address. Once you have their contact information begin a low key drip marketing campaign to educate the prospect about your product or service. You can’t force your products on people anymore. They will just tune you out.

Local Marketing

Local marketing is the concept of getting online traffic funneled into “offline” or physical companies.

Generally, retail entrepreneurs define their local marketing initiatives in line with the specific tactic they’re using, for example local media advertising, local non profit organizations, store-specific promotions or direct marketing.

Local company marketing may be anything from the Phone Book to newspaper advertisements, money mailers, cubicles at occasions, lead boxes, speaking engagements, appreciation programs, fliers, business card printing, surveys, local chamber and business network occasions and so on.

Online marketing for the offline company is the same as proper, quality marketing within the offline world, just digitally.  Our local-search experts can help you create a highly effective internet marketing campaign to focus on the local clients.

We offer automated business profile management and distribution optimization for Maps and local Business Sites. Google Business permits you to target over 109 million local clients who are searching on the internet.

Google Local Listing let your business  appear on page one of recent results for local based searches.

Since 31% of customers use a internet search engine first when they’re about the search for local items and services, its smart to become on page one of the search engine results.

Websites like Superpages, InsiderPages, YellowPages, DexKnows and much more let you add your listing free of charge.  If you provide quality items and services, they are great sites to obtain much more traffic .Let your clients find you, get indexed by as many review sites as possible.

Our internet marketing campaigns provide you with traffic, clients, along with a strong ROI.